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Must-Know Skin Types: How to Select the Best Soap

Posted by Rob Dietz on

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For approximately 4,800 years, soap has been a part of normal life: even the ancient Egyptians utilized a substance with a striking resemblance to our modern soap. Significant advances in technology have enabled brands to manufacture different all-natural soaps, ranging from charcoal cleansing bars to oatmeal soap to seaweed soap, among many others.

Soaps have different ingredients, so you need one that can cleanse your skin and keep it soft and moisturized all day long. Read on to learn how you can choose the best soap for your skin type.

Dry Skin

Sebum is an oily, waxy substance that keeps your skin moisturized. If your sebaceous glands produce less sebum than required, you will have dry skin. As such, you need to carefully choose a soap with moisturizing ingredients.

Soap with natural glycerin is a great pick because it has moisturizing properties. Natural bar soap has a large amount of natural glycerin and is a great way to hydrate dry skin. For additional emollient properties, you can also choose a soap that is made with aloe vera, shea butter, rice bran oil, or olive oil  

Oily Skin

If your sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, you are more likely to have oily skin. For oily skin, it is advisable to wash your face often to get rid of the excess oils. Remember, you should not use soaps that are too strong, as they could potentially remove healthy natural oils.

A gentle, natural soap with bentonite clay  or oatmeal is ideal for oily skin. A charcoal cleansing bar made with moisturizing oils can also help remove excess oil without causing damage to your skin.

Sensitive Skin

For sensitive skin, it is recommended to buy soap with ingredients such as shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil. Avoid soaps with high pH values, colorants, and perfumes, because they can cause skin irritation. Natural clay soaps or seaweed soap can also be a great choice to help soothe sensitive skin.

Normal Skin

Normal skin is neither too oily nor too dry. To keep this type of skin smooth and healthy, gentle, natural bar soap is a great option. Avoid strong cleansing bars that could potentially irritate your skin. Herbal or all-natural soap brands are safer, due to their soothing and moisturizing properties.

Combination Skin

This type of skin has both oily and dry properties. If you have this skin type, avoid soaps made exclusively for oily or dry skin. Consider gentle, all-natural soaps for the best results. The addition of mild clay such as kaolin is a great option for combination skin.

With many soap brands available, you have to be extra careful when buying soap for your skin type. Check the ingredients used and read the description given to know if the soap brand suits you best. Contact Carter Mill Soap Company today if you are looking for a handmade soap company that sells soaps with skin-loving ingredients.  We can help you find the best soaps for your skin type.