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Our Story

A Baby's Needs

Carter Mill Soap Company was born out of the need of a mother to try and find help for her infant son.  In 2003, our founder, Tammy Carter, had her second child, a boy named Joshua.  It was apparent right away that Joshua had some health issues.  He had respiratory issues, as well as significant rashes, beginning when he was just an infant.  Ultimately it would be discovered that Joshua had many issues, including asthma, eczema, allergies both respiratory and affecting his skin, even high functioning autism and sensory issues, but in those early days, she was just desperate to find him some measure of relief.

Scary Ingredients

Tammy began to research the ingredients on the many creams and ointments his doctor's were recommending for Joshua.  Many of these made Joshua scream while being applied as if he were in pain.  She was horrified to find that many of the ingredients had possible side effects or were classified skin irritants.  Most contained harmful chemicals or alcohol or even sodium hydroxide (lye!)* in lotions and creams.  She decided if she couldn't FIND something to give her child some relief, she would just have to MAKE it.  Having a strong interest in science her whole life, Tammy set out to research how to make lotions and creams, and discovered a whole natural world she never knew existed.  Simple mixtures grew into complex formulas.  Over the years, lotions, soaps, salves, bath soaks and even lip balm was being regularly made for family use.  They were very effective in softening and moisturizing the dry, scaly skin associated with Joshua's eczema, as well as protecting and improving Tammy's skin which was beginning to age.  Her interest continued to grow and the research never stopped.  Necessity had grown into a passion.

Time to Go Public

In 2015, Tammy found herself at a crossroads.  After 20 years of working in the IT industry, she was facing another job change.  Her industry had been very demanding of her time, and as a single mom of a teen and a preteen, one with autism, the thought of continuing down the same demanding path seemed like maybe the wrong choice.  She had dreamed for many years of offering her products to the public and it finally seemed to be the right time - Carter Mill Soap Company was born!

A Family Legacy

Tammy grew up in NC in farm country.  She comes from a long line of farmers, crafters, makers and good country folk.  Her grandfather had owned the old Carter Mill for the early part of the 1900's, and beside the mill had been the old family homestead where even her parents had lived at one time when they were first married.  The name Carter Mill was a part of her and a part of her history, so what better name to use to bring her products to the public.   And now she gives to you, through her products, a bit of herself, her family, and her history.

Caption:  The actual Carter Mill, circa 1942, in Elkin NC

* While lye is used in the making of our soaps, there will NEVER be lye in the finished product that comes in contact with your skin.