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Why You Should Buy Handmade Soaps Over Commercial Brands

Posted by Rob Dietz on

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As an informed and savvy consumer, you need to carefully weigh your options to ensure that you are purchasing the right skincare products for you and your loved ones. You understand that the choices you make have a significant effect on your health and your world. That is why you need to take time to analyze the different types of soap before you buy.

You may wonder why you should buy from handmade soap companies over well-known brands? Here are six compelling reasons for you to make the switch to products that handmade soap companies offer.

1. You Get ‘True’ Soap

The FDA notes that the majority of the ‘soaps’ marketed on the shelves today are not really soaps, but synthetic detergents. ‘True soap’ must be produced through saponification, where alkali salts mixed with natural oils produce soap, glycerin, and water. The 'alkali salts of fatty acids' should be the only cleaning agents. Commercial brands often add synthetic surfactants to their cleansing bar that may be harsh to your skin. Choose to be kind to yourself by purchasing from handmade soap companies.

2. No Glycerin Extraction

Glycerin is a natural by-product of the saponification process. It is a humectant that attracts water to your skin, keeping it supple and moisturized. It is well known that commercial soap manufacturers typically remove glycerin from their soap for use in other products such as lotions. Natural bar soap made by handmade soap companies retains all the glycerin produced through cold process soap making so your skin can reap the benefits.

3. No Harmful Ingredients Present

Commercial soap brands are typically made with detergents, artificial conditioners, preservatives, and other chemicals. The parabens and chemical surfactants can dry out your skin, causing it to crack. Properly prepared soap from handmade soap companies, such as eucalyptus soap or mud soap, does not require additional preservatives and typically contains natural additives such as oatmeal or essential oils to keep your skin happy.

4. You Can Place Custom Orders

Small scale producers produce all-natural soap in small batches through cold process. The handmade soap company can often customize your soap for you, so you can have a bar made from your favorite eucalyptus oil fragrance and other additives that you may wish. This is a perfect option for customers that may have sensitive skin. You can even choose what natural additives may go into your soap.

5. It’s Better for the Planet

Handmade soap companies often use the cold process method, which reduces the carbon footprint. There is little to no emissions or wastewater discharge to the environment, and it also involves a cruelty-free production, where innocent animals or people do not have to suffer for the soap to be made.

6. An Artisanal Element

Traditional soap making is a slow process, with soap makers waiting for four to six weeks for the bar to cure effectively. The rustic-looking bar cut from the soap loaf may look and feel better on your skin. That is why a rustic handmade gardenia soap may be a perfect gift, while a commercial cleansing bar may not be.

As a savvy consumer, you may need to invest in soap products that better protect your skin health and environment. If you wish to support handmade soap companies, reach out to Carter Mill Soap Company. Our products are always 100% hand-made, with no harmful ingredients.